Our everyday life is increasingly defined by mobility. We are constantly in motion: HAUS, KEIN HAUS frames an interdisciplinary encounter between choreographer Antje Velsinger, visual artist Janina Arendt, sound artist Katharina Kellermann and the performer Maya Weinberg. Together, they raise questions about the idea of finding somewhere to stay in a world that is so restless and unsettled at the moment. Even though the piece is not illustrating the subject, it definitely opens up very concrete political questions: who has the right to stay – and who is forced to move? Who has the right to enter the HAUS, which has become a choreographic movement machine rather than a stable place. Movement and standstill are no longer contradictory terms. The different media trigger each other and add concrete associations while the two dancers negotiate their relation to movement, sound and space. All co-players are steadily set in motion by each other, transforming the space into a room to negotiate and communicate.