The Bodies We Are

A choreographic research project within the Graduate Program “Performing Citizenship”

Our starting point is the following thesis: Every person has not only one body image, but a multitude of different possible body images. Therefore, the body can also be understood as a container or blank space, which is constantly recomposed by different body images. Depending on how we imagine the body and which (thought) system we confront it with, a different body image emerges. Every body is connected to an archive in which a wide variety of memories, images, sensory perceptions, emotions and practices are stored.

The presentation gives insight into the results of our choreographic research, which deals with the body as an open process that can be negotiated again and again: How many bodies are we? Does this openness and multiplicity of bodies perhaps provide a contemporary blueprint for a utopian body and thus a performative understanding of corporeality?



Concept: Antje Velsinger * Artists involved in the research: Sophie Aigner, Juli Reinartz, Johanna Roggan, Vania Rovisco and others * With the kind support of PACT Zollverein/ Choreographisches Zentrum NRW