And the boat goes backwards

What direction do we move in, when all directions are open to us? Do we inevitably fall into a state of motionlessness? Or do we need new practices for handling the unstable, the restless – something that gives our history and identity stability and direction in a new way? Frankfurt choreographer Antje Velsinger and Berlin dancer and choreographer Lea Martini formulate a movement catalogue of possibilities: We will invent new forms of locomotion. We will declare our right to things that still has to be discussed. We will revive memories and erase them again, establish points of reference and wipe them out again. We will claim to have an endless amount of time. We will think back. We presume that time has a scent.



Choreography: Antje Velsinger * By and with: Lea Martini und Antje Velsinger * Dramaturgy: Stine Hertel * Light: Camilla Vetters * Costume: Julia Laube * Music: Boris Hegenbart, Markus Popp * Co-production: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Tanztage Berlin / Sophiensaele * Funded by: Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Cultural Department Gießen, Crespo Foundation, Hessian Theatre Academy, Society of the Friends and Supporters of the Frankfurt University for Music and Performing Arts.