New Trouble

The interdisciplinary productions of Antje Velsinger / new trouble are dedicated to current socio-political challenges. Their productions are based on extensive research in which they initiate exchange with actors from other social and scientific fields. In the series BODIES OF CAPITALISM, Antje Velsinger and her artistic team met professional athletes and elderly people and investigated the relationship of these bodies to the performance system. Their current series FUTURE RELATIONS focuses on the search for sustainable relationships in the context of the climate crisis. The stage productions of Antje Velsinger / new trouble make the experiences of their intensive research poetically tangible. They design temporary escape strategies and fictional places of withdrawal and test alternative ways of dealing with the challenges of our time. Parallel to their large stage productions, Antje Velsinger / new trouble also initiate other artistic formats, such as performative dinners, sound video installations or research labs. The artistic core team of Antje Velsinger / new trouble consists of Heike Bröckerhoff (dramaturgy), Julia Krause (sound), Christina Giessmann (management) and Antje Velsinger (artistic direction & choreography).