Where does outside end – where does inside start? Where do I position my body in space? Do I enter into a pre-existent room or does the room come into being only through my own perception – or does both happen simultaneously? Which memories, emotions and stories are stored in my body? Which doors can be opened to these inner rooms and what kind of emotional and physical states evolve from these openings?

Architectural spaces, spaces of remembrance, emotional spaces, spaces of sound – somewhere in, through and between these we are said to live. In their performance “wall / paper / wall”, Antje Velsinger and Markus Popp construct several layers of inward and outward textures of space. As the layers overlap and tilt, a possibility space of individual as well as collective experience emerges.



Concept, Choreography, Performance: Antje Velsinger * Composition, Music: Markus Popp / Oval * Costumes: Sophie Reble * Dramaturgical advice: Kirsten Maar * With kind support of: Mimecentrum Berlin, ada Studio Berlin